Zoom from country level to local city streets in a few clicks.

"The Columbia Gazetteer's Advanced Search page provides comprehensive tools for locating and organizing information about the places covered in the Gazetteer in a variety of ways. Users can combine place-name or full-text searching with metadata elements on the entries, or just by metadata categories."

A growing collection of over 100 country maps paired with Landsat images.

"Search for maps of all parts of the UK, at various scales, by entering a place name."

"In addition to generating maps by place name, this site also provides U.S census and historical maps, world thematic maps, and country facts and figures."

"Provides both detailed and base maps, suitable for printing, for countries worldwide."

Provides links to current world maps created primarily by the CIA. Highlights maps of areas currently in the news. Provides many links to excellent associated resources.