Supports research in "classical antiquity and the classical tradition." The English edition of Der Neue Pauly. Click Brill Online to access the German version.

Offers access to "broad coverage of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery for new or experienced medicinal chemists, biologists, pharmacologists and molecular biologists. This includes a current and global perspective of drug design, and drug development."

CHO "brings together over 250 volumes from the renowned Cambridge Histories series. The volumes are grouped into topics, making it quick and easy to search and browse through an array of historical subject areas."

A comprehensive guide to French literature from its beginnings to the present day. Coverage spans Occitan poetry to Francophone writing in the Caribbean and North Africa, intellectual history to current films, and medieval manuscripts to bandes dessinés.

Contains the complete text of the encyclopedia in English and French and links to related Web sites.

"An encyclopaedia on Canadian Theatre, with entries on actors, playwrights, directors, producers, designers, theatre organizations and institutions, composers and plays."

A collaborative encyclopedia project, which requires authors to verify their credentials before posting. Contributions are approved by expert editors.

Provides “an authoritative and provocative source of reference for all those concerned with the earth and its people.”

A review of the literature (1995 to 2003) that treats organic synthesis in terms of functional groups and methods for their construction and conversion. Updated on an ongoing basis.

“This abridged and updated edition … presents more than 400 biographies of authors, critics, literary characters, and historical figures, and 150 plot summaries of major works.”