Provides mapping of the province.

200+ interactive maps plus all kinds of information about Canada. Includes a glossary of cartographic terms.

"Offers topographic maps of Canada at both 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scales and Landsat 7 orthoimages at 1:50,000. Search by NTS sheet number, co-ordinates, or by using the index map provided."

Explore Canada through this state of the art, interactive atlas which includes special features about the weather and Western ecozones.

Provides point co-ordinates and NTS map number for place names.

Map sheets are separated into Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario and searchable by a place name index. The Southern Ontario road map has been cut into 11 map sheets designed to print on letter-size paper at a scale close to1:700000. The Northern Ontario road map has been cut into eight map sheets designed to print on legal size paper at an approximate scale of 1:1600000.

Geared to genealogists, this site helps locate 9,600+ Ontario villages, towns, land formations and cemeteries whose names and boundaries may have changed over the years."