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What Do I Need to Know About...

...Using the Library?

Connect from Home (video)

This video will discuss how to use connect from home, which is a service that allows current students, staff, and faculty to connect to online resources. Transcript (PDF)

Contact Your Librarian (video)

This video will highlight a number of different ways you can get help with your library and research questions at the University of Waterloo. Transcript (PDF)

Course Reserves (video)

This video will help you with finding and accessing items that your professor has put on reserve. Transcript (PDF)

Primo Alerts for New Books (video)

This video will teach you how to create Primo Alerts to notify you when new books relating to your research are found at the Library. Transcript (PDF)

Primo Central: An Introduction (video)

This video will teach you how to search more effectively using the new features of Primo Central. Transcript (PDF)

Requesting an Item Through RACER (Interlibrary Loan) (Online Guide)

This help page contains a series of videos that will help you use RACER for requesting book, articles and other materials from institutions outside of the TUG system (UG, WLU, uWaterloo).

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...Finding Library Books?

Finding Books in the Library (video)

This video will help you find books in the library by teaching you more about the catalogue and how to read call numbers. Transcript (PDF)

Finding Books Using RACER (video)

The video will explain how to find a book at another university using the Interlibrary Loan service RACER. Transcript (PDF)

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...Finding Journal Articles?

Basic Searching 1: Brainstorming Your Research Topic (video)

This video discusses the brainstorming stage of the research topic, before you begin searching in a database. It will explain how to choose effective keywords and how writing keywords differently can get more effective results. Transcript (PDF)

Basic Searching 2: Searching in a Database (video)

This video discusses the initial stages of searching in a database. It will explain how to change the features on the search screen to get more specific results to your search needs. Transcript (PDF)

Basic Searching 3: Refining Your Results (video)

This video discusses how to use the features of a typical database to refine your search results. It will explore how the common features of a database can help to get fewer results that are more relevant to your search needs. Transcript (PDF)

Finding Articles Online  (video)

You need to find articles, but you're not sure where to start. Watch this video to find out how to search through the library's databases to find and access articles. Transcript (PDF)

Finding Articles Using MLA International Bibliography (video)

In this video, you will learn how to search for journal articles using MLA International Bibliography and how to get the journal article you need. Transcript (PDF)

Finding Articles Using RACER (video)

This video will describe how to request journal articles through the Interlibrary Loan service called RACER. Transcript (PDF)

Finding Known Articles: Citation Linker (video)

This video demonstrates how to use Citation Linker to find known articles - online or in print - using the parts of a citation or reference. Transcript (PDF)

MLA Bibliography: Advanced (video)

This video will introduce you to advanced searching, which is more powerful and allows you to focus the search for better results. Topics covered include specific field searches, use of thesauri, and use of search limits. Transcript (PDF)

Social Work Databases (video)

This video will assist you with finding and selecting researching databases related to social work and will demonstrate how to search in multiple databases at once. Transcript (PDF)

Using the Web for Research (Online Guide)

Use this guide to learn how to find and evaluate scholarly material on the web.

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...Using Scholarly Sources?

Academic Integrity: Cheating (video)

This video discusses the various forms of cheating and the penalties associated with academic misconduct. Transcript (PDF)

Academic Integrity: Collaboration (video)

This video will discuss some of the issues related to collaboration and the penalties for this academic misconduct. Transcript (PDF)

Academic Integrity: Fabrication (video)

This video outlines some examples of fraudulent behaviour in academic research. Transcript (PDF)

Academic Integrity: Plagiarism (video)

This video describes plagiarism. Plagiarism is the action or practice of taking someone else's work, idea, etc., and passing it off as one's own. Transcript (PDF)

Evaluating Information Sources (Online Guide)

Learn how to determine the relevance and authority of a given resource for your research.

How to Find Peer Review Journals (video)

This video will teach you how to find out if a journal article is peer reviewed.  Transcript (PDF)

Peer Review Process (video)

This video will teach about the peer review process, and why your professors sometimes ask for peer reviewed articles.  Transcript (PDF)

Popular vs. Scholarly Resources (video)

This video will explain the difference between popular and scholarly sources and show you how to verify the type of resource you're using. Transcript (PDF)

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...Citing My Research?

Chicago Style (16th Edition) Citations (video)

This video will teach you the basics of citing a journal article retrieved from an electronic source in Chicago Styel, 16th edition. Transcript (PDF)

MLA Citation Style (video)

In this video you will learn the basics of citing a journal article in MLA style. Transcript (PDF)

RefWorks (Online Guide)

Your guide to the web-based citation and bibliography tool that is available to uWaterloo students, faculty, staff and alumni.

RefWorks Tutorial Basics (RefWorks)

Learn basic functions that include: account creation, logging in, adding and organizing references, and bibliography creation.

RefWorksTutorials: ProQuest RefWorks

This series of video tutorials ranges from the basics to advanced skills & features.

When to Cite Your Sources (video)

This video will explain basic information about when you need to cite, and where you can find citation style guides through the library.  Transcript (PDF)

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Last Updated: October 14, 2014