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Waterloo : 1930 and 2006


Digital Historical Air Photos of Wilmot Township

This index represents the full coverage of digital aerial photography available for viewing and downloading.  Each image is bounded by the tile represented above and is linked from this index.  If more than one year is available for the tile, it will appear on the corresponding webpage.  Please click on your area of interest to view image information and to access the photos.  1945 mosaics have also been created for the towns of New Dundee, Baden, and New Hamburg.

Air Photo Index of Wilmot Township IMB2 IMB23 : 1945 IMB3 IMG30 IMG41 IMG31 IMG42 IMB18 IMB8 IMB17 IMB7 IMG20 IMG9 IMG19 IMG8 IMB35 IMB25 IMB36 IMB26 IMG35 IMG24 IMG34 IMG23 IMB15 IMB5 IMB16 IMB6 IMG13 IMG2 IMG12 IMG1 IM46 IM34 IM39 IM27 IMG38 IMG27 IMG26 IM10 IM15 IM3 IMG16 IMG5 IMG15 IMG4 IMG14 IM40 IM28 IMG43 IMG40 IMG29 IMG39 IMG28 IMB27 IM16 IM4 IMG21 IMG10 IMG18 IMG7 IMG17 IMG6


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