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Maclean's [digital archive]

Coverage: 1905-2015
Canada's national weekly current affairs magazine.

MarketLine Advantage

Coverage: Information is always current
Information, news and market reports for international companies, industries and countries.
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Mary Zirin's Bibliography of Pre-Revolutionary Writings by Women

Coverage: 1800-2000
Created by Mary Zirin at the Slavic Reference Service at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mass Observation Online

Coverage: 1937-1972
Reports, surveys, diaries, photographs, maps, and essays related to social research.
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Materials Business File

Coverage: 1985 to present
Industry news, international trade data, government regulations and management issues related to the metals and materials industries.
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Materials Science & Engineering Database

Coverage: 1966-present
Information on materials science, metallurgy, ceramics, polymers, and composites.
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Coverage: 1940 to present
Articles in mathematics, computer science, statistics, and econometrics, as well as applications to science and engineering.
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MCEER: Earthquake Engineering to Extreme Events

Coverage: 1987 to present
Covers earthquakes and other natural disasters: causes, prediction, effects, mitigation, and aftermath.
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Medici Archive Project

Coverage: 1537-1743
This archive documents the political, gastronomic, economic, artistic, and medical culture of early modern Europe.

Medieval Travel Writing

Coverage: 13th - 16th Centuries
Manuscripts of European travel writing. Covers geography, exploration, trade, literature.


Coverage: 1950 to present
Literature in biomedicine, medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and preclinical sciences.
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Mergent Online

Coverage: current
Industry reports covering North America, Latin America, Asia/Pacific, and Europe by country and region.
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Coverage: Current
Evidence based information about drugs, uses, identification, toxicology, diseases, acute care, drug interactions, and alternative medicine.
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MIT CogNet Library

Coverage: varies
Articles on brain science, cognitive science, brain and neural networks, and linguistics.

MLA International Bibliography

Coverage: 1926 - present
Indexes books, articles, and websites relating to modern languages, literatures, folklore, linguistics, and film.

Music Index

Coverage: 1975 - present
Indexes journal articles on music from all genres and periods.

Music Online: Classical Scores Library

Coverage: Rennaissance - present
Musical scores, with full scores, study scores, piano and vocal scores, and piano reductions.


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