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Provides market research reports for Canadian and US industries.

ICE Virtual Library

Coverage: 1836 to present
Collection of civil engineering, construction and materials science publications that disseminate best practice, expert advice, and research.

IDRC Digital Library

Coverage: 1970 - present
A repository of information and technical reports on international development.
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IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Coverage: 1988 - present
Resources for computer science, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and mechanical engineering.
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Immigrations, Migrations & Refugees: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996

Coverage: 1941-1996
English translations of and English-language radio and television broadcasts, newspapers, books, and US government documents relating to immigration.

Independent Voices: an Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press

Coverage: 1950s - present
Periodicals by feminists, student radicals, Indigenous peoples, anti-war activists, Black Power advocates, LGBTQ activists, and others.

Index to Jewish Periodicals

Coverage: 1988 - present
Indexes articles from periodicals covering all areas of Jewish thought, history, and current affairs.

Index Translationum

Coverage: 1979 - present
Contains bibliographical information on books translated and published by UNESCO's Member States since 1979. Covers literature, social, natural, and human sciences; art; history and more.

Indigenous Collection (Informit)

Coverage: 1920s-present
Multidisciplinary topics relating to Indigenous peoples from around the world. Includes journals, books, reports, and conference proceedings.

Ingenta Connect

Coverage: Fall 1988 to present
A current awareness service that indexes academic and professional journals covering the humanities, social sciences, science and technology.

INIS repository

Coverage: 1970 to present
Scientific Literature on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.
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INSPEC Archive

Coverage: 1898-1968
The INSPEC Archive 1898 - 1968 covers published literature in physics, electrical engineering, and computing and control.

International Aristotle Bibliography

Coverage: 1900 - present
Books, articles, book reviews and dissertations on the philosopher Aristotle.

International Bibliography of Art

Coverage: 2008 - present
Articles, monographs, essay collections, conference proceedings and exhibition catalogues relating to the history of art.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)

Coverage: Coverage starts in 1951
Identify journal articles, books, book chapters, and reviews, from around the world relating to anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology.

International Financial Reporting Standards

Coverage: Current
IFRS Collection from CPA

International Financial Statistics (from the IMF)

Coverage: varies
Internationally comparable, country-level economic and financial time series data. Standard source of statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance.

International Medieval Bibliography

Coverage: 1967 - present
An interdisciplinary bibliography of the Middle Ages, covering Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa from 400-1500.

International Pharmaceutical Abstracts

Coverage: 1970 to present
Indexes journals in pharmaceutical science and health related topics.
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International Philosophical Bibliography

Coverage: 1997 - present
Indexes philosophical literature including books, journals, and book reviews.

International Philosophical Bibliography Retrospective

Coverage: 1970s - 1996
Indexes philosophical literature including books, journals, and book reviews.


Coverage: varies
Contains books and journals published by the Institute of Physics.
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Iportal: Indigenous Studies Portal

Coverage: varies
Articles, theses, photographs, archival resources, maps, etc. Focusing on Indigenous peoples in Canada and the United States.

Ipsos News and Polls Centre

Coverage: 1995 - present
Canadian and international public opinion polls on all matter of topics.


Coverage: 1945 - present
Indexes articles, books, reviews, catalogues, and conference proceedings about the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700).
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Iter Italicum

Coverage: to 1992
A finding list of previously uncatalogued Renaissance humanistic manuscripts.
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