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AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) Toolkit

The AODA Toolkit contains procedures and resources to assist us with our commitment to provide a high level of support to our users with visible or invisible disabilities.

Communications Toolkit

The Communications Toolkit provides information and resources to enable library staff to communication effectively and professionally in their work. It includes library publications and photos, visual identity guides, writing guidelines, etc.

Library Signage Guide

The Library Signage guide provides a record of current and used signs, as well as information on how to request a sign and the design guidelines that are considered in the process.

Library Web Redesign

The Library Web Redesign website provides news and background information on the Library's website redesign project. It also provides links to all the new sites that have already launched.

Web Site Maintainers

Information and instructions to help web site maintainers in their role.

Training Resources/Opportunities

Manditory Training for all new staff

Learning & Development Programs

Online Reference Shelf

Online reference resources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, patents, and citation style guides, etc. The resources in this collection have been evaluated by a librarian.


January 5, 2017