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Committees, Task Groups and Working Parties

Internal to the University of Waterloo Library

Inactive Committees

  1. Circulation Training Committee
    Chair: Sarah Martin
    Members: Aziz Aboueleinin, Ryan Ball, Agnes Kordiasz, Laurie Strome, Gerald Underhill, Stefaniada Voichita, Troy West
    Mandate: Provide ongoing training to Circulation staff.

  2. Electronic Data Service Group (EDS)
    Chair: Sandra Keys
    Members: Jennifer Keir (IST), Sandra Keys, Kathy Szigeti, Agnes Zientarska-Kayko
    Mandate: Standing
    Plan, monitor and deliver services associated with electronic data. This activity includes preparing publicity, organising training sessions, acquiring data sets, and monitoring the quality of TRELLIS cataloguing records for locally held data sets.
    Administrative Contact:

  3. Email Reference Group
    Content now on SharePoint (May 2018).

  4. Information Resources Management Committee
    Members: Annie Bélanger, Jane Forgay, Betty Graf, Jennifer Haas, Jackie Stapleton, Jonathan Sutherland
    Mandate: Standing
    Provide the primary forum for discussion and decision-making regarding information resources development and management
    Administrative Contact:

  5. Information Services Delivery Training Committee
    Chair: Agnes Zientarska-Kayko
    Members: Sandra Keys, Connie Kovac, Zsuzsanna Lancsak, Agnes Zientarska-Kayko
    Administrative Contact: ISR and Circulation Department Heads

  6. Information Services Operational Oversight Team (ISOOT)
    Chair: Jan Uhde
    Members: Tom Harding, Zsuzanna Lancsak, Sarah Martin, Jan Uhde
    Mandate: The Information Service Operational Oversight Team (ISOOT) is a small cross departmental team that reviews, discusses and makes decisions or recommendations on information service delivery, software and staffing that create high quality, accessible, inclusive information services that support belonging within our campus.
    Administrative Contact: ISR and Circulation Department Heads

  7. Library Executive Committee
    Chair: Beth Sandore Namachchivaya
    : Victoria Chu, Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont
    Mandate: Standing
    Set the budgets and priorities for the Library and its collections, services and operations
    Administrative Contact: Ian Orchard, VP Academic and Provost

  8. Library Health, Safety and Wellness Committee
    Chair: Carl Nagel
    Members: Karen Davidson, Eva Dodsworth, Connie Kovac, Stefaniada Voichita, Lesley Wade
    Mandate: The Library’s Health, Safety, and Wellness Committee actively contributes to a safe working environment in the Library.
    Administrative Contact: Sharon Lamont

  9. Library Managers
    Members: Annie Bélanger, Betty Graf, Jennifer Haas, Alison Hitchens, Beverly Hershey, Sharon Lamont, Kathy MacDonald, Alex McCulloch, Carl Nagel, Nick Richbell, Ian Robson
    Administrative Contact:

  10. Library Outreach
    Chair: Laurie Strome
    Members: Debbie Addesso, Mary Lynn Barlett, Eva Dodsworth, Rose Koebel, Sarah Martin, Sara Perkins, Carol Steel, Laurie Strome (Chair)
    Administrative Contact: Annie Bélanger

  11. Library Signage Committee
    Chair: Alex McCulloch
    Members: Mary Lynn Bartlett, Jon Morgan, Carmen Peters, Graham Yeates
    Administrative Contact: Sharon Lamont

  12. Statistics and Reports Support Group
    Members: Ksenia Bronicki, Annette Dandyk, Sam Gibbon, Nancy Heimpel, Jonathan Sutherland, Lesley Wade
    Mandate: Responsible for support of statistics and report generation
    Administrative Contact:

  13. Web Operational Management Group
    Chair: Annie Bélanger
    Members: Aziz Aboueleinin, Graham Faulkner, Chris Gray, Courtney Earl Matthews, Jane Forgay, Kathy Szigeti
    Mandate: Ensure the effective day-to-day operation of the UW Library web sites
    Administrative Contact: Alison Hitchens

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Inactive Committees

  1. Acquisitions Budget Review Planning Committee
    Chair: Susan Routliffe
    Members: Annie Belanger, Jane Forgay, Jennifer Haas, Christine Jewell, Michele Laing, Susan Routliffe
    Mandate: Develop a plan for conducting a review of the acquisitions budget.
    Administrative Contact: Mark Haslett

  2. Architecture Library Task Group
    Chair: Richard Pinnell
    Members: Margaret Aquan-Yuen, Betty Graf, Cheryl Kieswetter (recording secretary), Michele Laing, Sharon Lamont, Susan Mavor, Richard Pinnell
    Mandate: Determine minimum service standards, associated costs and prepare a set of recommendations for the school of architecture move to Cambridge
    Administrative Contact: Mark Haslett

  3. Community Needs Assessment Committee
    Chair: Annie Belanger
    Contact: any member
    Members: Tim Ireland, Wish Leonard, Alex McCulloch,
    Mandate: Standing
    Co-ordinate, encourage and facilitate library assessment activities focusing on client needs; serve as a resource for Library staff in their assessment work; analyse results, develop recommendations for action; monitor and ensure follow-up.
    Administrative Contact: Susan Routliffe

  4. Chat Reference Operational Group (CROG)
    Chairs: Tim Ireland, Sandra Keys
    Members: Tim Ireland, Sandra Keys, Jan Uhde (Additional: Jennifer Haas)
    Mandate: Assess the need for and develop plans for the changes to virtual reference, coordinate the service, monitor the service, and make recommendations about ways in which the service might be evaluated and promoted.
    Administrative Contact: Kathy MacDonald

  5. Cultural Change in the Davis Center Library
    Facilitator: Jim Parrott
    Members: Dan Brown, Sam Gibbon, Abbas Rizvi, Dan Sich, Mary Stanley
    Mandate: Develop a plan to improve the environment in Davis by addressing problems related to noise, food, and the monopolization of study space.
    Administrative Contact: Susan Routliffe

  6. Digital Library Coordination Committee
    Chair: Mark Haslett
    Members: Betty Graf, Christine Jewell, Sharon Lamont, Alex McCulloch, Bill Oldfield, Jim Parrott, Susan Routliffe, Linda Teather, Charles Woods
    Mandate: Library-wide forum for:
    discussion and coordination of information systems and technology issues; initiatives in the University of Waterloo Library.
    Administrative Contact: Mark Haslett

  7. First Floor Reconfiguration Committee - Public Area
    Facilitator: Alex McCulloch
    Contact: any member
    Members: Marian Davies, Ian Donaghey, Sharon Lamont, Susan Mavor,  Alex McCulloch, Carl Nagel
    Mandate: Develop a proposal for the use of the public space on the 1st floor.
    Administrative Contact: Mark Haslett

  8. Information Commons Planning Teams
    1. Dana Porter Library (conceptual planning 2003)
      Chair: Sandra Keys
      Members: Eric Boyd, Marian Davis, Sandra Keys, Sharon Lamont, Carl Nagel, Mark Polger, Marina Wan
      Mandate: develop plans for an information commons in the Dana Porter Library
      Administrative Contact: Susan Routliffe

    2. Davis Centre Library (2004 renovation)
      Chair: Anne Fullerton
      Members: Eric Boyd, Anne Fullerton, Ted Harms, Sharon Lamont, Steve Lefneski (Walter Fedy Partnerships), Mark Murdoch (Food Services), Heather Murray (grad rep.), Carl Nagel, Linda Norton (Graphics), Dan Parent (UW Architect), Susan Schaefer (UW Graphics), and Shima Shahidy (undergrad rep.)
      Mandate: Develop plans for the Information Commons and take into account the broader Library goal of enhancing and modernizing the entire Davis Centre Library student learning environment.
      Administrative Contacts: Mark Haslett, Susan Routliffe

  9. Information Resource Process (IRP) Group
    Chair: Rotates
    Contact: Debbie Tytko
    Members: Susan Arruda, Betty Graf, Tim Ireland, Ingrid Pinos, Gail Sperling, Laurie Strome, Debbie Tytko
    Mandate: Standing
    Contributes to the achievement of the Library's goals by enabling our clients to use the library collections to find the information they need; receive, describe, organise and prepare information resources for use; create and maintain the databases and systems that provide access to them.
    Administrative Contact: Mark Haslett

  10. Information Services Management Committee
    Chair: Susan Routliffe
    Members: Christy Branston, Helena Calogeridis, Judy McTaggart, Jim Parrott, Richard Pinnell, Mary Stanley, Jackie Stapleton, Melanie Watkins
    Mandate: Standing
    Provide the primary forum for discussion and decision making on substantive matters associated with information services.
    Administrative Contact: Mark Haslett

  11. Infrastructure Committee
    Facilitator: rotates
    Contact: any member
    Members: Ben Colussi, Michael Holmes, Nancy Schaffer, Mandy Wetherup
    Mandate: Standing
    Enhance the Library's working and learning environment by helping to provide an appropriate physical setting, essential support resources and services, and a healthy organisational culture.
    Administrative Contact: Sharon Lamont

  12. Inventory and Security Implementation Group
    : Wish Leonard
    Members: Eric Boyd, Ian Donaghey, Betty Graf, Sharon Lamont, Wish Leonard, Alex McCulloch, Ann Naese, Carl Nagel, Linda Teather, Melanie Watkins,  Charles Woods
    Administrative Contact: Sharon Lamont

  13. Library Instruction Committee (LINC)
    Chair: Tim Ireland
    Members: Helena Calogeridis, Tim Ireland, Effie Patelos, Larisa Smyk, Jan Uhde
    : Standing
    Plan and implement programs and publications that assist library users in understanding and using the resources and services of the UW Library; design training programs for library staff participating in instructional programs; disseminate information about library instruction to departments.
    Administrative Contact: Annie Bélanger

  14. Library Web Review Group
    Chair: Bill Oldfield
    Members: Christy Branston, Rachel Caldwell, Helena Calogeridis, Marian Davies, Sandra Keys, Esther Millar, Dan Sich, Bill Oldfield
    Mandate:  charged with the design and layout of the Library Web and Staff Web sites.  The Group advises on content of the web sites.
    Administrative Contact: Allan Bell

  15. Porter Public Environment Assessment Group
    Chair: Susan Arruda
    Members: Susan Arruda, Judy McTaggart, Jae Min Jin (ISR Waterloo co-op student, 30% time commitment), Annie Belanger (resource), Alex McCulloch (resource)
    Mandate: Investigate concerns about the environmental quality of the public areas of the Dana Porter Library, specifically regarding: 1. noise levels, 2. saving seats and 3. hot/aromatic food.
    Administrative Contact: Sharon Lamont

  16. Renovation Planning Teams

    1. Davis Library
      Chair: Anne Fullerton
      Members: Eric Boyd, Anne Fullerton, Samantha Gibbon, Carl Nagel, Melanie Watkins
      Mandate: to consider options for making the best use of the current library space in Davis and to identify options for expanding space.
    2. Porter Library
      Chair:  Alex McCulloch
      Members: Eric Boyd, Marian Davies, Jane Forgay, Alex McCulloch, Anne Naese, Carl Nagel, Janet Wason
      Mandate: responsible for overseeing the development of renovation plans for the revitalization of the Dana Porter Library's main floor.
      Administrative Contact:  Sharon Lamont

  17. Signage Committee
    Chair: Sharon Lamont
    Members: Sharon Bissonnette, Michele Laing, Sharon Lamont, Keith Peck, Mary Stanley
    Mandate: Review and make recommendations for improvement to the signage in the Dana Porter Library
    Administrative Contact: Mark Haslett

  18. UW TRELLIS Pilots
    Chair: Charles Woods
    Members: Lois Clifford (Renison), Carolyn Dirks (St. Jerome's), Betty Graf, Jayne Hayden (Career Resources), Darlene Radicioni (TRACE), Alex McCulloch, Carl Nagel, Dan Sich, Gail Sperling, Debbie Tytko, Charles Woods
    Mandate: Standing
    Monitor and co-ordinate TRELLIS upgrades and functional operations on the UW campus [i.e. all TRELLIS users at UW, including the federated and affiliated colleges, Optometry, Career Resources, TRACE]; ensure that UW TRELLIS-related plans are compatible with TUG-wide plans and adhere to TUG standards; communicate with UW Library Staff and other UW units using TRELLIS on issues related to TRELLIS
    Administrative Contact: Allan Bell


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