Interactive course

This micromodule teaches you how to use the ViewScan machines to browse, capture, print, and save images from the Library's microfilm collection.

A microlearning module that guides you on reporting access problems when searching within Omni, the Library’s catalogue and Library databases.

A brief video tutorial that shows how to quickly locate a book by its call number on the library shelves.

This video provides guidance on how to create and set up an Institutional Zotero account for the University of Waterloo.

This video provides guidance on how to integrate a University of Waterloo Institutional Zotero account with Omni, the Library’s Catalogue.

This module will help undergraduate students in science and engineering understand what information they need to use in their assignments, how to use different resources to find information, and how to assess information to know if it's appropriate for their needs.

An online module explaining the Library of Congress (LC) call numbers used in the University of Waterloo’s libraries and how to use them to locate books on the library shelves.

Last updated: Sept 6th, 2023

This introductory module to Omni, the Library's catalogue, presents multiple options that can be employed in Omni to request diverse library materials required for academic studies and research.

This module will introduce you to concepts that will help you understand how information is created, recognize non-scholarly and scholarly information, as well as where to find and evaluate information.  

Il s'agit du dernier module de la série Intégrité Académique pour les étudiants STIM.
Cette leçon explore les facteurs qui peuvent conduire à une mauvaise conduite académique et partage des stratégies qui vous aideront à maintenir l'intégrité académique.