Presentation slides

This overview adapted slide deck aims to provide the a foundational understanding of GenAI from a University of Waterloo perspective. This resource was developed based on a comprehensive slide deck from University of Massachusetts Amherst, Dr. Torrey Trust: "AI & Ethics" slide deck by Torrey Trust, Ph.D. is licensed under CC BY NC 4.0

This version of the slide deck retains the CC-BY-NC license, and can be credited to:

McKenzie, A., Lochead, K., Weaver, K. D., Byl, L., Bermingham, C., Piatek, J., Holmes, T., & Anderson, S. (2024). Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) overview [Slide deck]. University of Waterloo Associate Vice-President, Academic Standing Committee on New Technologies, Pedagogies, and Academic Integrity. Adapted from T. Trust (2024). AI & ethics [slide deck]. University of Massachusetts Amherst as allowed under CC BY-NC 4.0

A Power Point presentation on ORCID, a global non-profit organization that provides Open Researcher and Contributor (ORCID) IDs to researchers.

  • See below the Additional Assets section for an accessible slide deck version.

A Sway presentation highlighting University of Waterloo Library, Special Collections & Archives popular collections, archival resources that are available online, and information on support for instruction.

A Sway presentation offering an overview of OER repository options for finding OER textbooks. Best practices are shared around evaluating, adapting, and using OER textbooks.

A Sway presentation covering expectations for properly presenting headings across instructional materials with a focus on accessibility compliance.



A Sway presentation with notes and links to OER data and simulations.

A Sway presentation offering an overview of OER courses, including typical format, popular repositories, and ideas on how to integrate them into your own course.

Presentation notes with links to best OER sources in STEM.