Interactive module that covers advanced searching strategies in the Scopus database.

Updated: Apr, 2024

This interactive module introduces grey literature and its use within the academic environment. Lessons focus on creating a search strategy for grey literature, along with suggestions on where to search for high-impact grey literature.

Update: Apr, 2024

Integrated lessons for the Math Communication Courses, focused on where to find information, how to evaluate information, and how to search for information.

Last updated: August 22, 2023

This interactive module provides an overview of the main elements required to formulate a systematic search strategy.

Interactive module on finding images online, including copyright considerations.

Updated: Apr, 2024

A step by step guide for using the Library's catalogue and performing a simple search.

A brief explanation of the Get it!@Waterloo button. See this Getit@Waterloo guide for more detailed instructions.

A guide for authenticating as a member of Waterloo, to access online resources found in the library catalogue.

A set of interactive modules that introduce Boolean logic and searching. 

Updated: Sept, 2023

An infographic presenting the coverage and use of the Scopus database.